60 Seconds Competition at The Photography Show

60 Seconds Competition

Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all well and having a happy Easter.

I have some news that I would like to share with you and it’s very exciting.

Earlier this month, I entered a photography competition hosted by The Photography Show and Training by Lumiere in association with Nikon, called 60 Seconds To Change Your Life. It came up on my ‘Suggestions to follow’ on Twitter and they tweeted about the competition! So naturally, I clicked on the link that took me to The Photography Show’s website. From there I saw that entrants must submit a 60 second video explaining why they like photography and what the opportunity would mean to them if they won showing them your personality. Lots of prizes were up for grabs including a 6 month professional photography foundation course starting in September this year, a Nikon D750 and the whole shebang to starting up your own photography business. HOW EXCITING!!!

The Beginning

I decided to enter the 60 seconds competition. After submitting my entry, a week later I received 4 missed calls whilst I was at work. Brent (from Training by Lumiere) phoned me back that evening and asked me if I had checked my emails to which I replied no. He then told me that he hadn’t sent an email because he wanted to personally phone me and tell me that I was through to the next round! AHHHHHHH!

Then there were 10.

Challenge One

Challenge One: Produce a Selfie. I had one week to think about the concept and produce something good enough to get me through. And this was the result..

double exposure self portrait blonde girl trees wearing green blouse 60 seconds competition

I didn’t know if the judges were going to like it or if I even thought it was good enough myself but I sent it anyway and waited for a response from Training by Lumiere. Then the following Tuesday as I was refreshing my emails I saw that I had one from Training by Lumiere so I excitedly opened it and saw a few key words that stood out to me ‘congrats’ and ‘well done’! I then re read the whole email that explained they had chosen 5 of us out of the 10 to go through the next round which meant going to the NEC in Birmingham. From there we’d be told what the next challenge was and how the day was going to pan out.

Journey to Birmingham

So I booked a hotel and my train tickets and went up the evening before with the boyf. Woke up bright and early 6:30am on Tuesday, ready and nervous for the day! We got to Birmingham New Street station, got a chocolate croissant from Pret (obviously) and headed to Birmingham International, where the NEC is. I met the other contestants at the Weatherspoons in the exhibition hall and we all shared stories and got to know each other better. Then it got nearer to ten o’clock and we headed off to get our passes and go through to the Training by Lumiere stand.

Challenge Two

They briefed us on our second challenge which was to take a photo that celebrated light. I had difficulty with this, being the only Canon user, I had no idea how to use a Nikon! As you can imagine the exhibition hall was filled with artificial light from the exhibitors stands but I feel more comfortable photographing natural light. Which was a slight problem because we weren’t allowed to leave the exhibition hall and there wasn’t really any lol! BUT. And this is a big but. I found some.

Challenge Two: Take a photo celebrating light. We had four hours to take the photo and edit it, then it would be subject to judging to whittle us down to three contestants! This was my submission.

The photography show exhibition centre photography competition entry round 60 seconds competition

I wasn’t feeling good about it all. I was in a competition with 4 others that all had life experience, photography or art based degrees, newest version of Photoshop and their Apple Mac’s. And there I was, the little 20 year old pickle with barely any photography or life experience, no degree, oldest version of Photoshop and her big old HP laptop. I guess none of that realllllly counts if people like you and can see potential in you.

The Final Three

So after lunch they sat us down at the stand and told us the final three. My name was second to be called out. So chuffed. I looked at Alex’s little face and he was just saying “I told you so. I told you, you are good enough.” And it was at that point that I really believed it. I was in the final three.

I had a one in three chance of actually winning this thing. That’s a big chance.

Then they took us to do our final challenge.

The Last Challenge

Challenge Three:

The Live Shoot. OMG yes that’s right, a live shoot. what the hell so scary. We got the pleasure of meeting a wonderful model and had to pick out an outfit for her. Then we each had 5 minutes to take a fab photo of her. But the photo wasn’t really the main focus of this challenge, it was about your personal and communication skills. We weren’t allowed to watch each other until we’d done our 5 minutes and I was last to go on stage.

I’d dressed Gemma in a sequinned jacket and plain white vest which looked very Kate Moss. I told her to think Kate Moss, to give me her best resting bitch face and it worked like a charm. I just tried to make her feel comfortable and make her laugh. She’d been told that she had to make life as difficult as possible for us. We had to work to make her pose and act in the way we wanted her to.

Then after my 5 minutes was up the judges were asked to go off and deliberate. No matter what happened I just tried to enjoy the moment of getting to the final three. What happened in the next five minutes after that is a blur.

A complete and utter blur.

And the winner is…BETH

I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t really comprehend it now to be honest. But wow I was on cloud nine. I still am!

I’m so thrilled to see what the future holds and here’s to my career in Photography! Let the journey commence!

Let me know if you were there, I’d love to know what you all got up to.

Beth xox

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