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2019: My high’s, low’s and everything in between

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2019 has been a very interesting year for me. It’s been my busiest, most challenging year to date. Like any other year, there have been high’s, low’s and all the other stuff that’s in-between. Let’s jump right in and re-cap shall we?

My High's of 2019

My main big high from this year was that I was able to leave my full-time job and pursue photography full-time. *High five for me*

I took a big leap of faith, put my trust in the universe and worked my little butt off to become self-employed. It feels so right and I just can’t imagine doing any other job.

Another high of mine is all the shoots I’ve done this year. All my clients this year have been AMAZING. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, exploring new places and making some real friends.

My last big high leads nicely on from my previous one as networking has been a HUGE part of my business this year. I’ve made some great industry pals and got involved in communities where I actually feel a part of something and been made to feel like I have work colleagues. Which is fab.

My Low's of 2019

So this one has been a toughie for me personally, as I lost a family member at the beginning of this year. My extraordinary Nanny Bet. My best friend who lived 5 minutes down the road and was always there to listen when I needed her, cuppa in hand – always. She was fun, creative and full of stories. She was my magic dragon and she will never be forgotten.

Another one of my low’s has to be not organising my time properly. And if you know me well you’ll be like “whaaaaaaaaaaaat, you’re so organised” but when it came to my business, I wasn’t as organised as I would’ve liked. I didn’t have a set routine which meant my productivity wasn’t great and my motivation dropped. Naat good.

My last “low” would have to be that I didn’t have as many booking as I would’ve liked. Now this year was my busiest year yet but I haven’t been busy all year round. My first shoot wasn’t until the end of March and I didn’t have any sessions in April. It’s not something I’m going to dwell on because I can’t change the past. Instead, I’m going to channel it into getting new clients for 2020. Already got 2 shoots in the bag for January. Boo-yah!

Now, I’d really like to share with you my shoots from the last 12 months.

2019 shoots

In 2019, I’ve shot

Personal Branding Shoots
Headshot Sessions
Engagement Sessions

Things I've learnt this year

woman holding camera in front of red leaves

I’ve learnt a lot this year. About myself and running a business.

Things I’ve learnt about myself:

– Always, always, always trust my gut

– That I am strong and can get through the bad shit

– It’s okay to say no to things and let go of negative people

Things I’ve learnt in business:

– Always schedule a call with potential clients to see if we’re a good fit for each other

– Networking is fundamental to success within business

– Be authentic. If you show up and be your true self then the rewards are fantastic

promises to myself

These are the promises I’m making to myself for 2020.

I promise to only take on work that I truly align with.

I promise to not work for free.

I promise to grow, develop and invest in myself and my business.

I promise to back myself and my gut 100%

I promise to look after myself and my business.

2020 goals

And now for the 2020 goals…which I’ve split into 7 categories.


– Focus on building up the branding side of my business

– Join a co-working space

– Say yes to more events and networking


– Earn 50K in 12 months

– Save 5K in 12 months

Health & Fitness

– Daily yoga practises

– Walk Poppy everyday

Relationships & Friendships

– See close friends more often & spend quality time

– Plan more activities with family & friends

Creative Fulfilment

– Maintain hobbies: baking, sewing

– Do a photography passion project


– Donate my old clothes, toiletries and items for food banks to my local homeless charity

– Reduce my plastic waste

– Shop small and independent

– Don’t buy shit you don’t need


– Plan two city breaks

– Plan a summer holiday

– Plan a getaway with my girls

– Visit two parts of the UK I’ve never travelled to before.

thank you

Bethany Lavin Photography black and white images

And that concludes today’s post! If you made it this far then I congratulate you. Thank you for supporting me and my lil’ biz, it really does mean the world. To all my clients I’ve had this year, thank you – you are amazing and I’m so grateful to every single person I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this year.

To keep up to date with my ramblings on social media, check out my Insta’s. That’s right, I have two.



I’d really love to hear about what some of your goals are, so if you’re feeling brave, leave me a comment on this post below.

Here’s to a very prosperous 2020 for all of us – I hope it’s your best year yet.

Speak soon,

Beth xx

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