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Stock Photography Trends 2020

stock photography trends of 2020

Stock photography is such a valuable tool that not a lot of people think to use when it comes to creating content. A lot of people create their own content, download and save Pinterest images or repurpose images from other people’s social accounts.

In this post, I’m going to walk you through some of the big trends that stock image libraries are seeing a demand for when it comes to content creation.

health & wellness

flatlay of beauty products for self-care image

What with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, health and wellness is at the forefront when it comes to online content. So many articles are being written, social posts being created – and they all need the appropriate imagery to go with them.

Images of people practising self-care are hugely popular at the moment and I think will continue to be for a long time. Images of yoga poses, relaxing bathroom scenes, being out in the fresh air and exercising – all of these types of images are doing really well. Think about how you can incorporate a blog post or a social media post around the subject and find the right imagery to go with it.

Images of hand washing are also very apparent right now as well as images of people wearing masks and social distancing.

being at home

Again, a lot of the trends revolve around current affairs and obviously the one that everyone is talking about is the big C. It has affected all of us in many different ways. One of the big changes I’ve seen people make is working from home and home-schooling their children.

These types of images are super popular at the moment because so many of us can relate. This allows companies and brands to build marketing campaign that really resonate with us in the current climate. Think about how you can make these images work for your business. If like me, you’re a small business building a personal brand – show your followers your desk or workspace set-up (people love to see this type of imagery!). They also want to know more about your general day-to-day life, so if you’re also home-schooling children during this time (you’re my hero) then show your followers this – let them get to know you. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, people buy from people. They want to make that human connection with you (and while we can’t go out and meet people just yet) let them build this connection with you through imagery and video online.

food & drink
Gunpowder Irish Gin

If you’re in the food and drinks business you are winning when it comes to content. There is so much scope for you to create amazing imagery that connects with your followers and gets those sales.

The great thing about food is that it is a basic human need so we can all relate to eating good food. You can tap into what’s in seasonally as well to make your posts relevant to the time of year. Images of vibrant fruits, fresh veggies, exquisite desserts and tasty BBQ’s all do really well particularly in the summer months. Think about what drinks could accompany your food as well – smoothies, bright cocktails and refreshing beers always go down a treat.

small businesses

Businesses and industries are seeing a massive shift in how they fulfil orders and deliver goods to their customers. More and more businesses are having to take extra safety precautions at work due to the C word like wearing special safety equipment and carrying out social distancing between their staff and customers.

Deliveries are being left on the doorstep and ‘signed for’ services have gone out the window to make sure everyone stays safe. Images displaying how businesses are adapting to the current climate are in huge demand at the minute to show their customers that they’re still working hard to provide their services. How can you translate this to your own business? Are you still making post-office trips? Are you wearing masks and gloves while providing your service? Think about what changes you’re making within your business and be sure to photograph it so that your followers are updated.

stock photography trends of 2020

And there we have it, those are your stock photography trends of 2020. A lot of them revolve around the current situation as you can imagine so be sure to use imagery or create imagery that represents you and your business during this time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and be sure to check out my other top tips on stock photography too.

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